Transfers to northern Ireland.
Personalised registrations supplied by the DVLA CAN NOT BE TRANSFERED to a vehicle registered in Northern Ireland without being assigned to a British vehicle first. This gives any resident of Northern Ireland a problem should they desire there own initials or name on a number plate. This is where we can help. We hold a stock of British registered vehicles, enabling us to first transfer your required registration to a British car and subsequently to your own vehicle. An example of which could be:- A1 CAT You can choose the prefix letter from A,B,C,H,J,K,L,M,N,P,R,S,T,V,W,X. Providing you
do not select a letter which would make the vehicle appear younger than it is e.g.

It would be no good buying an "S" prefix registration for a "K" registered vehicle. You would not be allowed to apply it to that vehicle.) Then select a number (1-20 for A, B, C and H prefix or for prefixes J through V , 1-20, any repeating number from 22-999, or any number ending in 0 or 00 from 20 to 900). Finally select the three letters you require (The letters "I", "Q" and "Z" are excluded).