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Test <% Dim search search = "taz" myDSN="DSN=netreg" mySQL="SELECT * FROM reg WHERE reg LIKE '%"&search&"%' ORDER by price" set conn=server.createobject("adodb.connection") myDSN set Rs1=conn.execute(mySQL) If Rs1.eof then response.write "No records matched
" response.write mySQL & "
Please try again..." Call CloseAll response.end end if %> <% While Not Rs1.EOF Response.Write "" Response.Write "" Rs1.MoveNext Wend Rs1.Close Conn.Close Set Rs1=Nothing Set objConn=Nothing %>
Registration Price
"& Rs1(0)&"" & Rs1(1) &".00

Please use prices as a guide, some number plates attract V.A.T.
All car registration transfers are subject to D.O.T. Transfer fee.

All registration numbers are subject to current availability. Please cal : 0161 4989584
if you are interested in buying any of the numbers returned in your search. Please note that we do everything possible to
ensure the accuracy of the data on this website, however due to the nature of personal car registrations and the reliance on
updated information from third parties it is possible for us to display a car registration which should not be " for sale".