The brand new Millennium Registrations
Are now available. These plates follow the format of two letters, a year identifying number (currently 51), and three random letters. These plates will begin to replace the Prefix style which are still in use at present. To display these plates, you will require a brand new vehicle registered after September 2001 but you can buy now for later) You can purchase your plate now and store it on a "retention certificate" until you obtain a vehicle of suitable age. The Current Format Age - Identifier Number - Three Random Letters The New Format Regional Identifiers - Age Identifier - Three Random Letters
How it all works ...
The two letter code at the front of the new plate is a regional identifier, which indicates where the registration mark was issued. The two digit number is a year identifier. The first set of plates to be issued contain the number 5. The five indicating the second half of the year, the one indicating the year 2001. The number following (released around March 2002) will be 02 - the zero for the first half of the year, the two for 2002, this is followed by 52 then 03 then 53 and so on. Finally the last three letters are random letters as they are on existing plates.